“I aim to inform, reach out, empower, motivate and inspire every soul that has a voice to be heard. Not just to add value to my immediate environment; But to multiply the exceptional legacies embroided by generations of musicians, performers, actors, writers and artists.”

Who is DeeVah

I am 24-year-old established and internationally recognized Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Independent Recording Artist, Producer, Composer, Theatre Actor and trained Ballet and Jazz Dancer. I completed my training in Musical Theatre (Music/Singing, Dance, Acting) at the renowned New York Film Academy Institution in New York City (USA) in December 2016 where I received a scholarship to complete my studies.

I have always had a love and zeal for music as a whole. I am a strong product of the Arts and interprets music and performing to be my voice of change and purpose. Thus, I’m so determined to EXPERIENCE, break through and transform the industry as we know it. I am an outgoing, warm hearted and ambitious young lady who isn’t afraid of taking on a challenge and standing up for what I believe in.


Many different characters, genres, styles and talents impacts my interests and character entirely, including drama and fine art; influencing my personality and passions.

DeeVah Live 


Friday 27th April

Back To The City Festival

Wednesday 6th June

Altitude Times Square Pretoria